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May 20, 2009

I am a huge movie buff.  Well, more as in follows industry news, and watches a lot of movies. When it comes to the classics, I fall short…very short.  So, I rely on movie podcasts full of people who know a lot more about movies then I do. This way I can go back and talk to my co-workers as if I’m some movie god. Listed below are some I’ve started listening too, or have been for a while. Either way, they are all greatly recommended. By the way, al these podcasts can be found on iTunes.

Scene Unseen

First up, is Scene Unseen.  This podcast consists of one of two having seen the movie, and the other hasn’t. Which leads to some often funny discussion about the movie. My first one was the X-Men Origin: Wolverine Review. That one alone won me over.

More information can be found here:

The /Filmcast

The /Filmcast is a podcast from the editors of the site, who do the typical movie podcast thing, news, discussion, etc, then leading to a review to a movie. Being a movie geek I can’t get enough movie discussion. I usually have things pointed out to me that I either missed originally  or just never would have thought of, either way it’s a great podcast with some great people. I really do recommend also listening to the After Dark series. I finally got around to taking the plunge and listening to one of those as well, and it’s hilarious. Having listened to one at the recently, I got the impression its more of a reader heavy segment. A reader asks a question after confessing some embarrassing or pretty funny story and asks the editors and guests to relate if it all possible. This leads to even more amusing stories.

More information can be found at:

Battleship Pretension

Another more unique podcast, that doesn’t talk much about movie news, or reviews. Focuses more on film discussion such as, when great directors make bad movies. The people are very witty, and funny. Highly recommend it.

More information can be found at:

IGN’s Keepin It Reel

My one sellout recommendation cause I just love all the IGN podcasts…except for the music and the retro ones…but thats just because I’m not interested in those things.  Either way, it’s a great podcast with insightful discussion. Other then straight forward. Also, it’s amusing to see the editors try and make box office predictions and to later discuss how close/distant they were in the following week.

More information can be found at:

Hope everyone gets as much enjoyment as I do!


After having seen The Dark Knight twice now, don’t worry no spoilers here. This is a theory on what villians could possibly appear in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie. Assuming he returns.

I was thinking it would be interesting if  Talia Al Ghul, were to surface as Catwoman. She appears in town as a possible business venture partner for Wayne Enterprises, while she stalks the streets at night in search of Batman,  curious to know who managed to finish her father.

Of course she wouldn’t be alone. Which brings us to a possible next villian: The Penguin. I don’t read the comics, but follow them loosely. Lately, from what I’ve heard is that The Penguin, is seen as a mob boss, and this form is fitting for Nolan’s universe. Talia, can tap him for knowledge. Also, as a way of using him the way her father used Jonathan Crane(Scarecrow) to as a diversion for a more sinister plan.

As she learns more abouts Batman she could fall into a divide of love and hate for the man who killed her father. Find herself hesitating to carry out what she came to do.  Of course, like all bad people in movies, when the leader can’t do it, someone right under her will as a way of betrayal. Someone that was an aid, just decides to turn on her. Not sure.

Thats my take on a possible third Nolan Batman film.

To find more information, to satisfy your curiousity I suggest checking out IGN’s articles on how to bring the various Batman villians to Nolan’s universe. Links are below.

Batman’s Villans Part 1

Batman’s Villains Part 2

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