The summer movie season started off great this year, with J.J Abram’s Star Trek. I know what your thinking, “what about Wolverine? my point exactly. What about Wolverine? Lets just pretend it didn’t happen. Other then Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, I’ve never seen any Star Trek movie or anything Trek related other then the odd, very random episode of Next Generation on TV. J.J. Abram’s is very much the same, which is why this movie is so accessible.

Chris Pine, is definitely one to watch in the coming years. This is a role that will definitely secure his face and name in the mainstream. He carries this movie with such charm, and a healthy dose of humor that won’t drag you down into a realm of boredom never to return.  Alongside him, is a strong cast that helps establish a team that is worth watching in future sequels now that the origins have been cemented.

Abrams, and his writing team have successfully brought Star Trek to the mainstream. He captures us in with the destruction of the U.S.S Kelvin, introducing us to the villain Nero, and our hero, Kirk (except as a baby form). We have no idea what his intentions are other then forcing aboard the ships captain before destroying the captains ship. This sets the pace for the movie.

Moving from watching Kirk get into a hilarious bar fight (which in turn leads to being convinced to join Star Fleet), to continuing his womanizing behavior.  Then to him beating the simulation which is designed to test how the cadets deal with stress,  leads to his first confrontation with Spock.  Played by Zachary Quinto,  who doesn’t do a bad job himself.  The friction between these two leads to some great moments, and some other that make you go really? Why didn’t he just do x, instead of y? Like I said, before a lot of these things are just nit picking. And don’t harm the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Star Trek is a great movie, and definitely something that Paramount must have been hoping for when they hired Abram’s to reboot the franchise.  He has given them a summer blockbuster that will hopefully produce sequels that are either equal or superior to this movie.


Whispers in the Wind

April 23, 2009

So many people
So many thoughts

So many voices

That go unheard in the night

I think

I wonder

I realize

The voices will never be heard

Horrorific Horror

January 31, 2009

I love horror movies. Sad to say however that horror lends itself to so much to self deprecation that it its hard to stay relevant sometimes. I love the twisted morality tales of 80’s slasher flicks. It was easy to follow along. You have sex, you die. You do drugs, you die. Women always hold the power and the virgin always lives. The real problem comes when your franchise is 5 movies in and your killer can only out walk a running victim so many times before the humor starts to set in. Its a fine line, but ultimately one amusing enough to sit through, especially as a kid.

We also have movies that played on other fears. Movies like Frankenstein that played on our fears of science. Movies like repulsion or Rosemary’s Baby that played more psychological fears. Or movies like the The Exorcist that placate to our fears of Religion, death and the unknown. So many classics that deserve as much praise as a good drama but are sometimes cast aside with the stigma of a genre that sees very little serious thought.

This is my problem. This idea that if you don’t have much money and you want to make a horror film you can just take some friends out to a cottage and Kill them on camera. We’ll I have news for you, chances are your not Sam Raimi or George A. Romero. Your not making the next Night of the Living Dead or Evil Dead… what your doing is wasting my fucking time. I’m all for someone trying. I want to see more people take this genre seriously is all. I don’t want two bit companies marketing more of these cheap college film projects as lasting pieces of an ailing horror legacy. We are in an age were we are seeing more remakes of legitimate low budget horror flicks. Why are we seeing movies like Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine remade? They were solid attempts from directors with real passion for a genre. Not big budget date movie fodder. It frustrates me to see my favorite genre pissed on when there is just so much potential for a good scare.

Lets get one thing clear. This is just a listing of the movies I enjoyed,  over the past year. I don’t care if its ‘critical approved’, cause in the end its my opinion and thats what matters to  me.

Here we go in no particular order: Read the rest of this entry »

Legend Of The Fry Thief

December 24, 2008

She came upon me with her cheery glow, asking me for a simple fry at first. I kindly allowed such a kind act. Whats a simple fry when I have a basket full in front of me. So, she sat and ate her fry while we conversed about the weather, and other such small talk.

Until, my large not so full anymore coke left me with a full bladder that was in desperate need of depletion. So I ran to the nearest rest room to relieve myself. And, oh how I did.

I returned to my table where I sat to find my basket of fries missing, and a simple note saying ‘Thank you, that was delicious! Maybe next time get iced tea. “

Its that time of year again, where we editors start posting our year in review posts, or Best of The Year, etc. I’ve always liked these, gives us a chance to look back and rememeber what came out in the past year that we forgot about. I’m still undecided on whether I’ll get around to posting one yet, considering I haven’t seen some of the movies that most critics are going on about.

So keep on the lookout of some new posts! ‘Cause my co-op is wrapping up, so I’m going to be back to updating this site a lot more frequently albeit some changes.

For now, take care, and hope everyone had a good year.

LOL: Roger Ebert Responds to Disaster Movie Fan | /Film.

Simply said, Roger Ebert suprising me with a great sense of humour.

In other news, I’ve been really busy as late. Hence the lack of posts. Have 3 on the back burner. 2 original, one based off someone else. When I actually have some serious downtime to sit and write. I’ll post. ’till then thanks for the views, and hope you enjoy what you read.

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