October 4, 2010

We all go through change; It is simply a fact of life. This has been a year that was simply full of plenty of them. Big ones. Life altering ones.

I thought I could at least try to keep up this blog with a post a week. Then that stumbled to maybe 2-3 at once. Eventually leading to nothing. I originally started this blog to practice my writing, and mostly just a creative output for my various interests. It started out alright learned about what I liked writing about, what I didn’t like doing, or what I wasn’t good at as well. Went through a period of experimenting and I guess in a way I still haven’t settled on what this blog is going to be reflect on.I never realized how busy I would get, or always was and started them using them as excuses not to write. So I would start some post then forget about it, or jot down ideas for a post which never started.

As the fall begins, so does another chapter of my experimentation with blog writing. As I figure out the details and I’ll continue to try and post more then once a year.


Trick R’ Treat

Trick ‘R Treat, is quickly on its way to becoming a cult hit. After sitting on the Warners Bros shelf for close to 2 years, they finally released it straight to DVD. Now just because it was released straight to DVD does not mean its a bad thing.  It is a mistake on Warner Bros part, because considering other then Saw, there isn’t anything for people to see.  Which is why another movie that was shelved for superfluous reasons Paranormal Activities, is cleaning up at the box office at the moment.

The movie is told in a broken chronology format(think Pulp Fiction) where it tells 4 interwoven stories all connected by the this walking Jack-o-Lantern. Which reminds me of a lot of the Sackboy from Sony’s playstation 3 game, Little Big Planet.

Overall, this movie is far from amazing, but a worthwhile watch. I strongly suggest popping it in with a group of friends who are unaware of this movie and have them all be pleasantly surprised.

3/5 stars

Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi(Evil Dead series, Spider Man trilogy), returns to horror with Drag Me To Hell, arriving just in time for Halloween. It didn’t do well in theaters sadly due to being overshadowed by the bigger and arguably most of them more poorly made summer blockbusters(that’s right, I’m looking at you Transformers). It is great movie with all the Raimi humor injected in some of the scariest moments making you laugh before making you frigid with fear all over again.

The story follows Christine Brown, who must make a tough decision on whether or not to evict an old lady out of her house due to her not being able to make the mortage payments. In doing so, she gets the promotion she wanted, and a curse she didn’t.

4/5 Stars

Paranormal Activities

The sleeper hit of the year is also the biggest money maker of the year by far. Made for a budget for of 12, 000. The movie is already a hit having grossed over $5 million just last weekend. Its done in a very minimalist way where they don’t try any to get clever with the camera. From what I have heard quite a few people are unaware that it is a completely fictional tale. Either way, I strongly suggest you check this out in the theater. The experience is just more enjoyable that way. A girl in a row infront of me hopped right up when the movie finished and announced, how she wasn’t sure how she would ever sleep again. Moments like that, you don’t get at home.

Despite the strong praise, the movie does drag in the second half wanting it to just finish, and thankfully the ending saves the entire movie.

2 1/2/5 stars

My buddy Ben, and I decided to watch The Hangover,  tonight at a Silvercity Oakville, because it they have that V.I.P theatre. Also, were driven by the urge for soft pretzels and ketchup powdered popcorn! Yum yum…Were on the P90 x program at the moment(first week) so we decided to indulge ourselves for the night.

Anyways,  we get to the theatre and find the V.I.P theatre for The Hangover is already sold out. Oh well. That sucks. Not like we weren’t hyped for it or anything. On top of that no soft pretzel maker!  So we decided, “Well were here. Lets just go catch it in a regular theatre”. 10 minutes later after waiting in line for the Fastlane machine, we find it not working correctly. After 5 tries it prints out Ben’s ticket. My turn. I try. I fail. I try again. I fail. Couple more tries. I give up. Look up at the movie time listing screen, only to see that its sold out now as well…Woot!

While waiting in line for Ben, to refund his ticket we decide we might as well head back to Hamilton, cause there is a show playing at 10:30.  Fast forward: Were at the theatre with 30 minutes to spare. As were arriving at our fastlane machines, a worker announces “few seats avaible”. Awesome.

Deciding that sitting in the front row wasn’t an option tonight. We agreed upon just seeing it the next day, and then we will be able to indulge ourselves with ketchup covered popcorn….yum!

Hungry and not knowing what we wanted to do, we went to this placed called, Wild Wing. We saw it earlier and were curious to try it. Turned out to be a great end to a dissapointing start. Downside is  all those fattening calories from the wings….The first phase is fat shredder month after all, and wings have so many fattening calories…Oh well. Just have to be a little more strict on myself after this weekend. I don’t care though, I needed some comfort food since I didn’t get my movie. And, oh was it comforting.

Its that time of year again, where we editors start posting our year in review posts, or Best of The Year, etc. I’ve always liked these, gives us a chance to look back and rememeber what came out in the past year that we forgot about. I’m still undecided on whether I’ll get around to posting one yet, considering I haven’t seen some of the movies that most critics are going on about.

So keep on the lookout of some new posts! ‘Cause my co-op is wrapping up, so I’m going to be back to updating this site a lot more frequently albeit some changes.

For now, take care, and hope everyone had a good year.

I’ve recently discovered this very interesting OS concept that is called, Aurora.<<<Click the link to see it before continuing or the next little bit will make no sense.

My first impression of Aurora was, “Wow, that looks intimidating”, but after watching the videos and listening to the voice explain what the actors are doing, it cleared things up a lot.  The radical new design is a nice departure from the standard Window’s look.  Its makes it clear that the future is going to be touch, that even Microsoft was hinted towards, and eventually revealing that WIndows 7(the one after Vista) will be touch enabled.

Seems like that mini touchpad they were showing off,  is pretty much where cell phones are headed. Currently, they only support minitature versions of OS’s but how long is it going to be before you can sync up your entire desktop to your phone? I’m sure Apple is brewing something along those lines up.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing it. It is a concept after all, and a very good one.

I just wonder if this could be the Windows killer many people have been waiting for, somthing that will wake the giant from its sleep, and actually move.  If it wasn’t for Firefox, we’d still be stuck with a much more ancient version of Internet Explorer. By the way,if you haven’t moved to Firefox 3, honestly your just doing yourself harm. But thats another story.

If your wondering what these two other OS’s are about, they’re called Glide and G.H.O.S.T. They’re both online OS’s. So pretty much you can login from anywhere, and its there. All your information. Everything the way you left it.

A major difference is, that Glide is not in beta. Whenever I used never ran into any problems, ran smooth as butter. G.H.O.S.T on the other hand is still in beta. So your going to run into some problems with things not working, but its beta after all.  They both have many applications that you can use in place of your Microsoft Office products for example. Be sure to check them out, and mess around with them. Also check out G.H.O.S.T back story, you’ll suprised, as I was to see whose funding it.


July 17, 2008

Hello, and welcome.

Being my first post, I’d like to divulge on what I plan to do with the blog. Atm, I’m planning on just keeping it about amusing movie news, and videogame news. Eventually, adding movie reviews, and some possible short stories, poems, etc. To keep myself going, I’ll try and make a post atleast once a week. Take care for now!

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