October 4, 2010

We all go through change; It is simply a fact of life. This has been a year that was simply full of plenty of them. Big ones. Life altering ones.

I thought I could at least try to keep up this blog with a post a week. Then that stumbled to maybe 2-3 at once. Eventually leading to nothing. I originally started this blog to practice my writing, and mostly just a creative output for my various interests. It started out alright learned about what I liked writing about, what I didn’t like doing, or what I wasn’t good at as well. Went through a period of experimenting and I guess in a way I still haven’t settled on what this blog is going to be reflect on.I never realized how busy I would get, or always was and started them using them as excuses not to write. So I would start some post then forget about it, or jot down ideas for a post which never started.

As the fall begins, so does another chapter of my experimentation with blog writing. As I figure out the details and I’ll continue to try and post more then once a year.

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