Halloween Themed Movie Reviews!

October 20, 2009

Trick R’ Treat

Trick ‘R Treat, is quickly on its way to becoming a cult hit. After sitting on the Warners Bros shelf for close to 2 years, they finally released it straight to DVD. Now just because it was released straight to DVD does not mean its a bad thing.  It is a mistake on Warner Bros part, because considering other then Saw, there isn’t anything for people to see.  Which is why another movie that was shelved for superfluous reasons Paranormal Activities, is cleaning up at the box office at the moment.

The movie is told in a broken chronology format(think Pulp Fiction) where it tells 4 interwoven stories all connected by the this walking Jack-o-Lantern. Which reminds me of a lot of the Sackboy from Sony’s playstation 3 game, Little Big Planet.

Overall, this movie is far from amazing, but a worthwhile watch. I strongly suggest popping it in with a group of friends who are unaware of this movie and have them all be pleasantly surprised.

3/5 stars

Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi(Evil Dead series, Spider Man trilogy), returns to horror with Drag Me To Hell, arriving just in time for Halloween. It didn’t do well in theaters sadly due to being overshadowed by the bigger and arguably most of them more poorly made summer blockbusters(that’s right, I’m looking at you Transformers). It is great movie with all the Raimi humor injected in some of the scariest moments making you laugh before making you frigid with fear all over again.

The story follows Christine Brown, who must make a tough decision on whether or not to evict an old lady out of her house due to her not being able to make the mortage payments. In doing so, she gets the promotion she wanted, and a curse she didn’t.

4/5 Stars

Paranormal Activities

The sleeper hit of the year is also the biggest money maker of the year by far. Made for a budget for of 12, 000. The movie is already a hit having grossed over $5 million just last weekend. Its done in a very minimalist way where they don’t try any to get clever with the camera. From what I have heard quite a few people are unaware that it is a completely fictional tale. Either way, I strongly suggest you check this out in the theater. The experience is just more enjoyable that way. A girl in a row infront of me hopped right up when the movie finished and announced, how she wasn’t sure how she would ever sleep again. Moments like that, you don’t get at home.

Despite the strong praise, the movie does drag in the second half wanting it to just finish, and thankfully the ending saves the entire movie.

2 1/2/5 stars

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