My not so epic adventure

June 14, 2009

My buddy Ben, and I decided to watch The Hangover,  tonight at a Silvercity Oakville, because it they have that V.I.P theatre. Also, were driven by the urge for soft pretzels and ketchup powdered popcorn! Yum yum…Were on the P90 x program at the moment(first week) so we decided to indulge ourselves for the night.

Anyways,  we get to the theatre and find the V.I.P theatre for The Hangover is already sold out. Oh well. That sucks. Not like we weren’t hyped for it or anything. On top of that no soft pretzel maker!  So we decided, “Well were here. Lets just go catch it in a regular theatre”. 10 minutes later after waiting in line for the Fastlane machine, we find it not working correctly. After 5 tries it prints out Ben’s ticket. My turn. I try. I fail. I try again. I fail. Couple more tries. I give up. Look up at the movie time listing screen, only to see that its sold out now as well…Woot!

While waiting in line for Ben, to refund his ticket we decide we might as well head back to Hamilton, cause there is a show playing at 10:30.  Fast forward: Were at the theatre with 30 minutes to spare. As were arriving at our fastlane machines, a worker announces “few seats avaible”. Awesome.

Deciding that sitting in the front row wasn’t an option tonight. We agreed upon just seeing it the next day, and then we will be able to indulge ourselves with ketchup covered popcorn….yum!

Hungry and not knowing what we wanted to do, we went to this placed called, Wild Wing. We saw it earlier and were curious to try it. Turned out to be a great end to a dissapointing start. Downside is  all those fattening calories from the wings….The first phase is fat shredder month after all, and wings have so many fattening calories…Oh well. Just have to be a little more strict on myself after this weekend. I don’t care though, I needed some comfort food since I didn’t get my movie. And, oh was it comforting.


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