Horrorific Horror

January 31, 2009

I love horror movies. Sad to say however that horror lends itself to so much to self deprecation that it its hard to stay relevant sometimes. I love the twisted morality tales of 80’s slasher flicks. It was easy to follow along. You have sex, you die. You do drugs, you die. Women always hold the power and the virgin always lives. The real problem comes when your franchise is 5 movies in and your killer can only out walk a running victim so many times before the humor starts to set in. Its a fine line, but ultimately one amusing enough to sit through, especially as a kid.

We also have movies that played on other fears. Movies like Frankenstein that played on our fears of science. Movies like repulsion or Rosemary’s Baby that played more psychological fears. Or movies like the The Exorcist that placate to our fears of Religion, death and the unknown. So many classics that deserve as much praise as a good drama but are sometimes cast aside with the stigma of a genre that sees very little serious thought.

This is my problem. This idea that if you don’t have much money and you want to make a horror film you can just take some friends out to a cottage and Kill them on camera. We’ll I have news for you, chances are your not Sam Raimi or George A. Romero. Your not making the next Night of the Living Dead or Evil Dead… what your doing is wasting my fucking time. I’m all for someone trying. I want to see more people take this genre seriously is all. I don’t want two bit companies marketing more of these cheap college film projects as lasting pieces of an ailing horror legacy. We are in an age were we are seeing more remakes of legitimate low budget horror flicks. Why are we seeing movies like Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine remade? They were solid attempts from directors with real passion for a genre. Not big budget date movie fodder. It frustrates me to see my favorite genre pissed on when there is just so much potential for a good scare.

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