My favourite Top 5 Movies of 2008 + one

January 11, 2009

Lets get one thing clear. This is just a listing of the movies I enjoyed,  over the past year. I don’t care if its ‘critical approved’, cause in the end its my opinion and thats what matters to  me.

Here we go in no particular order:

In Bruge– Colin Farrell returns to form in this dramedy of sorts. It came out at Sundance, and never really appeared on very many peoples radar, but if your looking for something good and slightly different. Be sure to watch this. Bruge, the little city in Belgium is also very easy on the eyes, and I’m sure there tourism has spiked since this movie has been released.

Wall E– I know you’ve heard that this is an amazing film. And frankly it is. The fact that Pixar achieved to make 40 minutes of no real dialogue entertaining is an achievement in it self. I just love this movie, and will for years to come. Buying Pixar is one of the smartest things Disney has done in a very long time. Seems like its affecting the rest of the animation deptmartent by how much better Bolt is then people percieved. At this point instead of being cynical of Pixar’s new plot ideas, I’m just keeping an open mind now. They just keep blowing me away, and I’m very curious to see Up!.

Tropic Thunder– Oh man Tom Cruise would have stole this movie alone with his character if it wasn’t for Robert Downey Jr. I was just in tears from laughing so hard during this movie. A lot of people said it was just too obnoxious, but thats the point! Its supposed to be! Not much more can be said about this other then has been said elsewhere. Just go see it.

Pineapple Express– Another movie that was just great. I knew so little about it, and was blown away when I first experienced it. I just loved the style of the action. It was very grounded except for some parts, and could have easily re-enacted in some cases.

The Dark Knight– Like you didn’t see this coming? I just loved this movie. Its my favourite movie of the year. I don’t care what else came out. This movie deserves to win Best Picture. I just really want to see a superhero movie win of the most prestigous film awards. And its well deserving as well. Nolan and company delivered in spades this time around blowing everyone away.

While writing this I remembered The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This movie is very much Oscar bait, but it I enjoyed it nonetheless its an awesome movie, and you should go see it!


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