2 Online OS’s and A very interesting Concept

August 10, 2008

I’ve recently discovered this very interesting OS concept that is called, Aurora.<<<Click the link to see it before continuing or the next little bit will make no sense.

My first impression of Aurora was, “Wow, that looks intimidating”, but after watching the videos and listening to the voice explain what the actors are doing, it cleared things up a lot.  The radical new design is a nice departure from the standard Window’s look.  Its makes it clear that the future is going to be touch, that even Microsoft was hinted towards, and eventually revealing that WIndows 7(the one after Vista) will be touch enabled.

Seems like that mini touchpad they were showing off,  is pretty much where cell phones are headed. Currently, they only support minitature versions of OS’s but how long is it going to be before you can sync up your entire desktop to your phone? I’m sure Apple is brewing something along those lines up.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing it. It is a concept after all, and a very good one.

I just wonder if this could be the Windows killer many people have been waiting for, somthing that will wake the giant from its sleep, and actually move.  If it wasn’t for Firefox, we’d still be stuck with a much more ancient version of Internet Explorer. By the way,if you haven’t moved to Firefox 3, honestly your just doing yourself harm. But thats another story.

If your wondering what these two other OS’s are about, they’re called Glide and G.H.O.S.T. They’re both online OS’s. So pretty much you can login from anywhere, and its there. All your information. Everything the way you left it.

A major difference is, that Glide is not in beta. Whenever I used never ran into any problems, ran smooth as butter. G.H.O.S.T on the other hand is still in beta. So your going to run into some problems with things not working, but its beta after all.  They both have many applications that you can use in place of your Microsoft Office products for example. Be sure to check them out, and mess around with them. Also check out G.H.O.S.T back story, you’ll suprised, as I was to see whose funding it.

One Response to “2 Online OS’s and A very interesting Concept”

  1. Anton Bar Says:

    Note that G.ho.st is also opening up to the community and open sourced its lite client at: http://code.google.com/p/pixie-os/

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